Tramezzini, the brand registered by three young people from the Veneto region that is a hit in New York

Registering Tramezzini to open a business with a name known halfway around the world? This was done by three young entrepreneurs from the Veneto region in the United States. The sandwich is not known overseas despite the impressive number of sandwich shops and bars.

Hence Filippo Paccagnella’s idea, together with his brother Massimiliano and friend Davide Pedon, to register the Tramezzini trademark to open the first point of sale dedicated to Gabriele D’Annunzio’s sandwich on 26 May in New York.

The adventure began last year at Smorgasburg, the weekly market in Brooklyn described by the New York Times as the “Woodstock of food” that selects 100 exhibitors capable of bringing innovation to the world of food. And the three friends hit the jackpot with sandwiches that were bigger than ordinary and sold for $8 a pair.

No one, in short, knew the sandwich that appeared in some bars but with no respect for tradition.

“We will be the first shop in the whole of the United States to specialise in sandwiches. We import fresh bread from Veneto every fortnight. We also pay a lot of attention to the ingredients, which have to be of the highest quality: we even have raw ham sent from home”, explains to Corriere Filippo Paccagnella who, before embarking on the adventure of vertical catering, tested the ground at the market and with some catering for leading clients such as Samsung and Chase Bank and then registered the Tramezzini brand throughout the United States and also in Canada. The only way to ensure the exclusivity of a name so common in Italy that in America it already has its own hashtag #tramezzininyc.

The first opening, as mentioned on 26 May, will be on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A few seats but, above all, lots of take-away food for a street food that will also include the ever-present Nutella.

But there are also inventions such as the tramezzino ripassato nel forno to warm up winter days or the tramezzini in the cone that closely resemble another trademarked Italian street food, Stefano Callegari’s Trapizzino, which has also opened on the Lower East Side.

The aim is to open a Tramezzini chain by landing in other American cities such as Miami.

You may say that it takes little to innovate in food, but has anyone had the powers of observation and speed of the three comrades with a passion for gastronomy?

[Link: Corriere Veneto]

Tuesday, 2 May 2017 by Scatti di Gusto

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