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THE Q.C. Group is waiting for you in New York, Padua, Jesolo Lido and Rome.


Tramezzini NYC

The world's tastiest sandwich landed in New York in 2016, joining Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, the weekly street food market. That first street food experience in Brooklyn in little more than a year became, in addition to the registration of the brand, a shop in Manhattan, on the Lower East Side. The first exclusive Venetian tramezzini shop in the United States of America.
Tramezzini NYC is open for retail but has become especially popular in catering services for large companies such as Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Verizon and numerous marketing media agencies.
The secret of this success is certainly the novelty of the product, but also the quality of the ingredients. "The bread comes to us weekly from Veneto. The mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and San Daniele raw ham are also produced in Italy. For other ingredients, such as vegetables, we rely on organic farms in upstate New York.


The Venexino PADOVA

A place of unquestionable charm, it has always been a reference point for the charming Friday evening aperitif. A restaurant - cafeteria but above all a meeting point for Padua that loves to have fun, eat well and drink better. Breakfast with homemade specialities, decorated cappuccinos, gourmet tramezzini on three floors and a cuisine, especially fish, with high quality raw materials and refined service.

il venexino
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the qc


It is located in the heart of the centre of Rome, in the shadow of Castel Sant'Angelo and at the gates of the Vatican City. The QC is the place that welcomes its guests into the typical Venetian atmosphere, taking them on a journey of taste made up of tramezzini, spritz and prosecco.
From classic flavours to more daring combinations, ideal for the palate of an international clientele, The QC is the place to be for a toast with friends or a quick lunch break.
Born combining the quality of Italian catering with the style made in the U.S.A., The QC aspires to be also a reference point for studios and companies in the historic centre who want to have lunch quickly but with taste. For this reason, it is possible to book sandwiches, piadinas and drinks for lunch breaks and meetings.

the qc

The QC Jesolo

Piazza Carducci is now more than ever one of the "chic corners" of Jesolo Lido: the Q.C. could not find a better location to open its first restaurant in Jesolo. The QC in Jesolo is a place that fully reflects all its gastronomic ambitions: whether you come here for a relaxing lunch or for a high-level aperitif, you can always spoil yourself with taste and style.
Between the cosy inner room that adheres to a long and inviting bar, the stallatico overlooking Piazza Carducci and the mezzanine on the upper floor, the QC manages to tempt you to take a break at any time of day.

theqc jesolo