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Our corporate mission is to offer in our premises Certain Quality in every product.

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Dreams come true

Who would not want to realise the dream of creating something that does not yet exist in New York?
In 2016, two entrepreneurs from Veneto, Davide Pedon and Massimiliano Paccagnella, had the idea of bringing one of the most famous traditional Venetian foods to the Big Apple.
In July 2017, they thus landed with this exquisite gastronomic novelty by opening a venue, Tramezzini NYC, Authentic Venetian Sandwiches.
The success in the States made it possible to open something in Italy as well, and so in 2019 The Q.C was born, whose founder is Davide Pedon.
The letters refer to the names of Davide's nearest and dearest; the Q is the initial of his father's name, Quirino, an entrepreneur specialising in leavened sandwiches and piadinas who has been working in the US market for years; the C is his brother, Claudio.
The choice of the name also stands for Qualità Certa, the quality of the raw material, the sandwiches and the attention to detail.
Davide did not stop and opened two clubs in Rome. On 2 December 2019 The Q.C at the Vatican, and only one year later the second one, at Ponte Milvio, on 2 July 2020.
The project works, so Davide decides to open one in Veneto, in a town that is very popular, especially during the summer: Jesolo Lido.
The Q.C opened in July 2020, in Piazza Carducci, a busy square with lots of traffic.
His journey as an entrepreneur continued in 2021 when he took over Venexino, a historic restaurant in the heart of Padua.


Quality remains

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    Opening of Tramezzini NYC, the first and only shop selling authentic Venetian tramezzini.

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    Creation of The Q.C, Qualità Certa brand and opening of the first venue in Italy: The Q.C Vaticano (Rome).

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    Opening of the second club in Ponte Milvio (Rome), Venexino acquisition and opening of the first club in Jesolo: The Q.C Jesolo.

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    Opening Venexino Jesolo

No food can be as heavenly or hellish with only two ingredients available, as per the basic recipe: bread and something.


Our local

THE Q.C. group awaits you in New York, Padua, Jesolo Lido and Rome.

Tramezzini NYC

309 E Houston St,
10002 New York, United states

THE QC ROME Castello

Via Porta Castello, 5
00193 Rome, Italy

THe qc ROme Milvio

Via Riano, 1
00191 Rome - Italy


Piazza Carducci, 23
30016 Lido di Jesolo, Venice - Italy


Via San Fermo, 45
35137 Padua, Italy


Via Bafile VII Settimo Accesso Al Mare,
30016 Lido di Jesolo Venice Italy



Golden Lion for Professional Merit to Davide Pedon.

Davide Pedon receives the prestigious International Award for his activities as a manager with this motivation: "As a leading manager for the affirmation of the Roberto brand at national and international level. The Roberto Company has been in the market for 60 years and specialises in the production of breadsticks and boxed bread such as tramezzino, bruschetta bread, piadine and various snack formats. The brand Roberto can now be found on all Italian supermarket shelves and in 48 countries, from the USA to the Japan. By unanimous decision of the Presidential Committee of the Venice International Grand Prix, we present the Golden Lion for Professional Merit to Quirino and Davide Pedon'.